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MCX Gold Tips and MCX Silver Tips for Today

MCX Gold is in a downward trend and the mcx gold tips for today is to Sell mcx live gold. The mcx gold (Dec) prices has taken resistance near 28850 level and has reversed. The mcx gold trend is also looking weak and estimated that mcx gold prices will arise up to 28300 levels.
MCX Silver price trend is also in a downtrend the prices took resistance near 55800 level and has reversed. MCX Silver trend is also looking weak and prices may come up to levels of 54100.

MCX Tips for Today On Gold Silver
MCX Gold is instructed to sell around 28750 levels with a stop loss placed above 28900 levels for a target of 28300 levels.MCX Silver is advised to sell around 55200 levels with a stop loss placed above 55800 levels for a target of 54100 levels

Yesterday Silver prices were trading higher in Chennai market, while it were down in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad markets.Pure silver (999 purity) was down Rs 150 at Rs 55750 in Delhi market, while in Jaipur market it was down Rs 200 at Rs 55800.

IIFL has come out with its fundamental view on Gold and Silver.

Fundamental View

Gold Prices are settled lower, suppressed by a stronger US dollar. Though, Gold prices are trading higher today, supported by reports of European officials meeting tomorrow and anticipated to sign off on rules for borrowing against the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), as well as guidelines for intervening in the euro-zone bond markets and providing credit lines to governments.

COMEX Gold (Dec)
Recommendation: Buy at US$1,689 TGT US$1,710 SL US$1,687

MCX Gold (Dec)
Recommendation: Buy at Rs 28,600 TGT Rs 28,900 SL Rs 28,550

Silver Prices are settled lower by 2.7% at US$31.1/ounce. Silver prices made a high of US$31.9/ounce and a low of US$31/ounce. The white metal continuous to trade on a weak note, blocked by gloomy economic backdrop. On the domestic front, MCX December Silver settled lower by 1.7% on Friday at Rs54,316/kg. Silver prices managed a high of Rs55,314/kg and a low of Rs,54,168/kg. Today, Silver prices are trading higher by 1.22% at Rs54,993/kg.

COMEX Silver (Dec)

Recommendation: Buy at US$31 TGT US$32.20 SL US$ 30.80
MCX Silver (Dec)

Recommendation: Buy at Rs 54,700 TGT Rs 55,450 SL Rs 54,100
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Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) has received the SEBI approval for its proposed initial public offer of 64.27 lakh shares. Confirming the development a MCX spokesperson said the exchange has been asked to file offer document with the Bombay Stock Exchange and Registrars of Companies (RoC).

MCX received the SEBI nod for the third time as the exchange could not launch its IPO in 2006 and 2008 due to critical conditions of market.

The issue will at first be listed on the BSE and later on the NSE, which holds 2.45 per cent stake in MCX. Financial Technologies, the promoter of MCX, along with six other institutions will cumulatively offload 12.60 per cent stake to rise about Rs 750 crore through issue.

“The IPO may be priced at about Rs 1,200 a share as the last private placement of MCX shares with a face value of Rs 5 was done at Rs 620 a share. Now, the exchange is offering shares with a face value of Rs 10 through the IPO,” said an analyst.MCX is the sixth largest commodity exchange in the world with number one ranking in silver and number two in gold, will be the first exchange in India to go public.Financial Technologies supposed to be bring down its holding in MCX to 26 per cent from 31 per cent by September-end, recently received an extension of six months from FMC.

Indian markets have just thrown open a new opportunity for retail investors and traders to participate: commodity derivatives. People who want to diversify their portfolios beyond shares, bonds and real estate, commodities is the best option

FAQ’s on how a retail investor can get started:

Where to go for trade in commodity futures?
There are three options - the National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd and the National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. All are having electronic trading and settlement systems and a national presence.

How to select broker?
A number of established equity brokers have sought membership with NCDEX and MCX. The likes of Refco Sify Securities, SSKI (Sharekhan) and ICICIcommtrade.

Requirements at broker level?
One must enters into a normal account agreements with the broker which include the procedure of the Know Your Client format that exist in equity trading and terms of conditions of the exchanges and broker.

Where to look information on commodities?
Daily financial newspapers carry spot prices and related news and articles on most commodities. Also, there are specialized magazines on agricultural commodities and metals available for subscription. Brokers also provide research and analysis support. We at Carrot Investment provides you best free commodity tips and MCX Tips

If one wishes for investment in commodity market then it is relatively essential to know about amount of risks involved in it. To make the best profit you also need to get the right time so that you can remain much safer in the market.

Get the right source of information
If one wants to get some good source of information on the stock market then you should make sure that you are able to get the best one for you by looking at the stock charts. Additional thing is that you can do is to watch the business news on a regular basis that would help you to take the right initiative on where and when to invest in the stocks. Before investing in any type of stocks it is vital to catch the company’s history. This would certainly help for making ultimate income and fee; glad that you have tried your best effort in getting the right type of stocks for you and also make sure of the market condition by reading the daily business newspaper.

Choosing Best investment plan
If you are looking forward for to your short term investment then you can make yourself available for day trading. You should be able to look at the risks present in it so that you do not make a huge loss by investing in the non profitable stocks. So it totally depends on you how you take the decision to invest in the market. You should know the right way to go for mcx trading in the market so that you do not lag behind any knowledge. Thus you have learnt, “Why should I opt for MCX Tips from the market?”

Weakness in rupee against the dollar it has support gold and silver in the domestic market. Rupee against the dollar has reached 32-month low. So for the time being investors are interested in currency trading or dollar.

Today all base metal trading at positive note. Copper trading on MCX nearly up by 1%. If copper cross 387 levels it move upward side.

Copper Call: Buy copper (Nov) above 387 Target: 389 stoploss: 385
Crude oil call: Buy crude oil (Dec) above 5088 Target: 5092 stoploss: 5084

MCX Tips for Today and live market trend on Gold, Silver and Crude:

MCX Gold and MCX Silver is in a bullish trend in mcx live market is currently in a uptrend while Crude oil is trading bearish with a uptrend in the prices. The MCX Gold (Dec) Support can be seen at S2 - 28043 / S1 - 28244 and resistance at R1 - 28742 / R2 - 29039. MCX Silver (Dec) can see the support at S2 - 52844 / S1 - 53629 while resistance at R1 - 55449 / R2 - 56484.

MCX Crude Oil Trend is bearish and can see the support at S1 - 4933 / S2 - 4985 and resistance at R1 - 5072 / R2 - 5107. To know more about latest MCX Tips , contact Carrot Investment to support you at our best.

Commodity Market trading comprises of huge risk and a lot of people make losses in the MCX trading just because they are unable to get the proper and accurate advice on what to trade and how to trade. Most of the traders in Commodity Markets in India trade just for the sake of trading and end up making huge losses. Thus we are your source for best information about MCX Markets and Commodity trading tips in Indian Commodities market with high accuracy via SMS and Messenger

Want to excel in the bumpy world of commodities?

Don't know what to buy and when to buy… we have answer for all of your questions. with our expert trading advice on commodities you can trade in commodities market to make money at the fastest speed and too consistently. Ever wondered why some make money and some don't in the markets.. Its just the expert edge which makes all the difference. The difference is the advice, the way you trade, the time when you trade. Its not all about trading always. Its about trading right whenever you trade.

We at Carrot investment tracks the global markets and the commodities news to get the best of the industry calls in commodities right on your mobile phone at the right time and price.

MCX is one of the India`s largest Commodities trading exchange which is promoted by Financial Technologies (India) Ltd, MCX enjoys the confidence of blue chips in the Indian and international financial sectors. MCX’s broadbased strategic equity partners include, NYSE Euronext, State Bank of India and its associates (SBI), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE), SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Bank of India (BOI) , Bank of Baroda (BOB), Union Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, Fid Fund (Mauritius) Ltd. - an affiliate of Fidelity International, ICICI Ventures, IL&FS, Kotak group, Citi Group and Merrill Lynch. These credible promoter and groups which back MCX adds to the reputation it enjoys in the MCX Markets amongst the traders and the brokers. Recently after the huge success of the Indian Commodities Exchage, MCX has launched the MCX-SX which is the currency trading exchange for INRUSD. MCX-SX’s product is a currency futures contract. .

Benefits of trading in MCX

• Offering a electronic platform for the commodities like Gold , Silver, Copper, Nickel

•Provides liquidity by making the traders meet and makes trading in commodities ( Crude, Zinc, Lead, Copper) easier by making a market for the same

•Removes the risk of third party risk

•Transparent Market Pricing

Peoples are having option to trade in MCX Tips and MCX Base Metals along with Bullion and other Energy / Agro Products on the MCX. NCDEX also offer some similar facilities

In this age of advanced technologies and avant-garde contrivances, populaces from all across the globe are not leaving any stone unturned to lay their hands on some huge returns. Easy cash is what everyone yearns for these days, but only if it was easy. There is an assortment of ways to earn money, in these ages of endless opportunities and in such a milieu; one name that stands out in the crowd is the stock market.

A large number of folks are increasingly inclining towards the share market envisaging huge ROI (Return on Investment). This trend is gaining pace and the numbers of novice investors are also increasing by the day. If you are deeming that thee investors are only interested in the equity market, you are grossly wrong as the commodities market is also becoming more alluring and lucrative. Now the commodity market consists of the NCDEX and MCX. MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange and encompasses trading of metals such as Gold, Silver, Lead, Aluminum, Zinc, etc.

However before you choose to enter the MCX market, you need to rely on MCX tips proffered by experts as you are new to this niche industry segment, you will find it utterly difficult to comprehend the basic underlying principles that regulate the market. What these professional do is acutely scrutinize the market trends and movements and analyze it pertinently and precisely to come up with intraday MCX tips and MCX tips which will go a long way in making your investment a fail safe success.Contact us for providing you best and affordable services.

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