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What about the "Silver price" and the same question is heard almost each day as the gold tends to be one of the precious metal of choice for analysts and financial news outlets, silver is every so often assumed as the “people’s metal”. Each day investors seem to favor the mess in a wide variety of market conditions. Those who do like it have cause to celebrate in 2012as the year starts with a 23% gain in silver prices in less than 30 days which associates to less than 5% for gold. Thus what’s going on?

If anything gold and "Silver Price" forecasters are probably too watchful about the silver outlook for 2012 as the same is not surprising after the 2011 volatility which saw record highs for both metals but a ruin later in the year that left gold up 10 per cent and silver down around the same amount for the year.

The three major components of annual silver demand, investment, industrial, and jewelry, the latter two have continued fairly constant throughout the last several years and the Industrial demand dropped in 2008 with the global economy and recovered to pre-2008 levels. As it is fact that nearly every electronic device uses silver components in its manufacturing. Accordingly the industrial demand component of the silver price is very robust when compared to that of other metals and raw materials.

Biggest Live "Silver price" corrections in the current bull market average to 43.1%The recent correction is the second biggest on record since 2001, however what truly makes it stand out is the time. The Year 2004 and 2006 drops took only five and four weeks respectively to reach their low points. And it was 31 weeks after the bang of 2008 that silver lies in bottom. The current decline, measured from the peak reached on April 28, 2011 to its December 29, 2011 low, spans 35 weeks. The fear for investors of precious metal is that deflation and recession will overcome the inflationary services of money printing in 2012 and limit the upside for prices.Making an investment in silver won’t head you inside the erroneous lane. If you are Looking for "MCX Silver Price" and "MCX Silver Tips" from time to time then contact our MCX Experts and subscribe to our daily SMS Service on your Mobile ,get best and Accurate Tips daily

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